I am based in Beccles, Norfolk, UK but am currently working via telephone and video calls

My offering to you is so much more than mindfulness, though this runs through the core of everything that I do.    Before mindfulness I was at the mercy of my superfast anxious mind, believing its every thought and story, leaving me at critical points in my life chronically stressed, anxious and sometimes depressed.

Fortunately, now I have a massive wellbeing toolkit, that enables me to ground myself, settle my mind and heart, and feel empowered to handle pretty much anything that comes at me.  This does not mean that I do not feel the strong waves of emotions that go with life events, but it means that I am on my side, not willing to beat myself up for what I am going through.  I can teach you this, to support your own life to be your best, regardless of your circumstances.

My meditation practice began in my 20’s, but it wasn’t until years later that I was introduced to mindfulness in a works mindfulness for stress course, which opened new doors of potential for my life.  I had always harshly judged myself and felt ‘less than’ others, but mindfulness helped me connect with the bigger picture of life, that underneath our differences, we all have pretty similar needs and things that can cause us suffering. It has been my anchor of life since and has taught me to not stay stuck in suffering and seek help when needed.

Mindfulness is now a very overused word in the media, but when felt directly, it is a beautiful process.  So, for now, the only thing you need to understand is that it is the ability to be right here, in each moment with your direct experience, with a friendly non-judgemental attitude and inviting compassion for whatever arises.  We can spend so much time worrying about the future or going over the past, that our actual life, that only ever occurs in this moment, is missed on autopilot, at sea with what was or what could be.  There is real liberation in spotting this human tendency and to develop practices that open up a more spacious, kinder and happier life.

My full-time work has always been in caring professions, teaching, family support, careers advise, but the only place I felt truly alive is when I offer Mindfulness skills, life coaching skills or physical therapies to others and watch transformation arise within their lives.

I have done extensive therapeutic recovery on my own issues and have a daily mindfulness practice that supports my wellbeing and deeper mental health resilience. This means my mindfulness work and coaching,  is not rooted in my own needs, but on the needs of those I support, which is a real joy.

I am interested in all areas of wellbeing, but my strengths and interests are trauma recovery, self-compassion, self-esteem, stress, anxiety, inner child work and depression.  The power of compassion and self-compassion are for me the key ingredient of mindful healing, so we touch and assist healing of what lies beneath our behaviours. This aids recovery and is empowering to have such choice in each moment of how to help yourself.