How will this help me?

'Everything we do is to done to meet our needs, though this is often hidden beneath the surface. So lets go beneath the surface to reach that place of deep self care and compassion in the face of our anxiety, to transform it into golden rays of resourcefulness'

  • Fresh look at how anxiety lives itself out in your life and how to manage this

  • More self trust and valuing who you are in this moment

  • Deeper awareness of your feelings and needs and how to meet them

  • Giving up our anxiety programmes

  • Deeper connection (rather than turning away) with people in your life

  • Deeper knowing that you are not your anxiety, it is just something you experience and can be changed

  • Toolkit to self-soothe and bounce back from setbacks

  • Less judgements and making significant shifts towards a more compassionate life

  • Increased skillset of reflection, working with resistance and releasing physical, mental and emotional tensions

I see you, I hear you and am here for you !

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Join me to create your personalised self care toolkit

Like you I have been here and want to be right by your side and witness your changes over the 21 days, which is how long it takes to embed new daily habits.

Course Content

  • Module One - Mindset

    Introduction to the 3 Ms Course model (Mindset, Motivation & Meditation) for anxiety

    Understanding your own anxiety - personal quiz

    How to rewire your brain - Neuroscience of change -Myths of anxiety - What it is and where it comes from

    Our nervous system regulation -  poorly nervous system & perky nervous system

    Listening to our body - Foundations for developing self-care healing habits

    The power of words - Mirrors for reflection or distortion - mental meanings and distortions revealed and transformed

    Empowering beliefs - How to change your state in each moment

    Embedding mindfulness skills to de-escalate anxiety - awareness, curiosity, grounding, centering, soothing, breathing

    Doing what you love & letting this in

  • Module two - Motivation

    Self-compassion - Loving the inner critic and creating compassionate foundations

    How to be consistent and create physical self-care healing habits

    What is the Vagus nerve and how is it helpful for stress and anxiety

    Recognising where I am in my window of tolerance and recognising triggers

    Motivating mental loops and demotivating mental loops

    Signs of the build up of anxiety over time - emotional & physical symptoms & Responses

    Embodied shifts for empowerment - Creative approaches to life's obstacles and what supports you to overcome them

    What communication and boundary issues are impacting your anxiety and how to handle them

  • Module three - Meditation & Mindfulness

    Embracing mindfulness meditation in all areas of your life

    Movement as meditation, not exercise

    Grounding - Staying empowered when triggered

    Standing, seated, lying and walking practices that empower and resource you

    Visioning beyond end of this short course and what you would like to happen for you and how to get there – quiz

    Weekly live coaching calls to deepen your transformation

Bonuses for you when you enroll !

  • Self-Compassion Mp3 meditation

    You will also receive a free self compassion MP3 meditation created by me, to give you a great healing experience for your anxiety

  • Anxiety support sheet for others in your life

    You will also receive a free downloadable sheet to give to others to help them support you in meaningful and helpful ways

Answers to your questions

  • What if I cannot attend the live group coaching session?

    The group call will be recorded, so no worries about missing out. If you have a question ahead of the live call, then you can let me know.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Refunds will not be given if you change your mind, so check out it is right for you before you click Buy Now button.

  • How long do I have access to this course material?

    You will have lifetime access to your online login for as long as I maintain this site, which I expect to be a very very long time. .

  • Do I have to keep up and do the practices every day?

    Do what you can when you can. Be kind if you fall behind. Habits do take time to get into the nervous system and bring about change. So the bite size learning and practices each day are designed deliberately to not overwhelm you , to not increase your anxiety. However, To get the best out of the group coaching calls, being familiar with some of the weeks content is helpful, but you can still engage in the calls, as we learn so much by being in groups.

  • Will this course cure me of my anxiety?

    Anxiety is part of our human emotions and is something that we can learn to manage and shift the patterns underlying it. All sorts of things trigger us in life and we can get caught in the anxiety loop again, but with the skills you learn and deepen existing ones, you will spot it quicker and step out of it sooner, with a lot more kindness.

  • I am in therapy, should I do this course?

    Discuss the course with your therapist and check that it will enhance your therapy, not interfere with any work you are doing together.

  • What if I do not like a particular practice?

    Trying new things can feel uncomfortable at first and our busy heads have an opinion about it. I would say be patient, notice how you are affected by what we do in the body, as this is the area of change we are working at on this short course. The practices can be continued after the course and in time your body will know what is right for you. What we do not like now, may change in weeks, months or years. So just pop them in your toolkit to use if and when you want to.

  • I do not have PayPal or Stripe how do I pay?

    All you need for PayPal and Stripe is an email address and to download the app. It is really simple to do. If you choose not to use the app, please email me and we can arrange a bank transfer to my account.

Ready to join me

Introductory price £75, will be £99 in future courses. Further reduced to £49 to make it accessible to more people

Testimonials to help you decide if you would like to work with me

Soo is a warm and wise teacher and wellbeing coach.

Sue Bayliss

Soo is a warm and wise teacher and wellbeing coach. She has so much to offer in the way of mindfulness practices, NLP tools and insights gained from her life experiences. She has had many challenges to overcome in her life and has shown great strength and courage. Above all she is a very caring person who can support and assist others who want to free themselves from all that constrains them, whether that be anxieties, limiting beliefs, lack of confidence or past trauma. She is honest and self aware and always ready to add to her knowledge and skills. Soo is absolutely the right person to guide you on your healing journey. I can highly recommend her.

You are in safe hands

Jill Walker

Soo is a warm, authentic person, who I feel very safe with. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a therapist to have guide and support you through your healing journey. Please take the first important steps towards your own well being, knowing you will be in safe hands, nurtured and supported by someone who has depth, wisdom and kindness.

You will experience a calm sense of inner knowing

Claire D

“The time I have spent with Soo has been extremely valuable to me : Soo always calmly asks questions to fully understand and listens very intuitively which really makes me feel as if someone is “holding” me. Being in a Wellbeing session with her I never feel alone or judged indeed I feel safe, respected and nurtured in her very presence as she always makes me feel truly myself!! I can highly recommend Soo whether you are having a session virtually or face to face with her , you will definitely experience a calm sense of inner knowing and personal self worth” Clare D , Norfolk

I couldn't recommend her highly enough

Lily B

I have had the wonderful experience of knowing and working with Soo since last year. Her natural ability to make you feel at ease and her warmth is authentic and natural. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, particularly if you are looking for a wellbeing coach. You will be in very safe hands.

Soo is kind, sensitive and very professional

Judith Crass

What always strikes me about Soo is how genuine she is and how she lives what she teaches, both with her Mindful practice and her NLP. She has obviously learned her wisdom and kindness on her own road to wellness and I find this so reassuring - that she speaks from experience not just theory, although she is well versed in the theory also. Just being in the same room as her is both a comforting, strengthening and grounding experience and she has shown an ability to know just what to say to help me make lasting change as I work on anxiety and trauma. Her presence works just as well online and I have still felt her warmth and benefitted from her lovely calming voice on her YouTube online meditations. Soo is kind, sensitive and very professional and I would recommend her to anyone. I respect her enormously.

Soo brings a wealth of life experiences and professional skills to her work

Sarah Wales

It has been an absolute privilege working with Soo this year. She is such an intuitive and compassionate person who’s genuine kindness and integrity shines through. She brings a wealth of life experience and professional skills to her work, that ensures that her clients are in capable, professional and skilful hands.

Soo's warmth and friendly manner puts one at ease with her immediately

Margaret H - Norwich

I whole heartedly recommend Soo Strong as a highly qualified and gifted Mindfulness trainer. Her warm and friendly manner puts one at ease with her immediately and instils trust so that one can confidently share one’s worries and troubles. This has the advantage that Soo can use this knowledge to tailor meditations to one’s own particular needs. Soo’s calm and soothing voice, when leading the meditations, is so relaxing it would be easy to doze off. As a result of the eight one hour sessions of training with Soo I have learned to live with and control those things that up to now have made my life so difficult. I thoroughly recommend Soo as a trainer to anyone considering taking up Mindfulness. Margaret H, Norwich

Soo has helped me such a lot with managing my health

M Allison

I met Soo a few years ago, when I attended her 8 week course 'Mindfulness for Health' course. Soo has helped me such a lot with managing my health and understanding how mindfulness works. Soo is a warm and compassionate teacher, who guides without judgement and walks her talk. I can recommend her wholeheartedly for anyone wanting to learn the practice of mindfulness. M Allison

I now have an inner voice telling me it is ok

P.G Norfolk

Soo's warm and friendly nature made the course brilliant. Stressful situations that had me running for my life, have begun to have less impact, like an inner voice telling me it's ok, and I realise I have a choice. P G

Soo manages to inject so much charisma, kindness and fun into the sessions.

Jayde Hubbard

In the short time I have known Soo, I have seen so many positive qualities. She manages to inject so much charisma, kindness and fun into the sessions. She goes above and beyond to help people. Soo delivers effective sessions which works so well for the participants. Soo is a kind, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced mindfulness teacher. Jayde (masters student observing whole Mindfulness for Stress Course)

Why should you learn from me?

  • I have a daily self care practice that involves both movement, meditation and self-soothing practices, so that I can bring calm and peace as often as I can to my life, work and relationships.

  • I am an experienced Mindfulness teacher and NLP wellbeing and life coach and know how to hear beyond words and empower people to remember who they really are beyond surface patterns build up over years of habit.

  • My journey to wellness has involved years of personal development, therapy, courage and determination and this brings a richness to what I can offer others in their own empowerment journey.

  • You are in safe kind hands with me as I know how to support peoples mindset, motivation and mindfulness toolkit.  

  • It is often said that I have a calm and soothing voice, when leading the meditations, which people find very relaxing. 

  • It is important to me that you always go away believing in yourself more, able to care for yourself more and can understand and commit to your needs more fully and compassionately.

  • My specialties are stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, positive self belief, self worth and self-esteem.

  • If you put the work in I can help you make transformations that really matter to you and look forward to being part of your next steps.

Introductory price of £75 ( NOW REDUCED FOR 72 HOURS TO £49) - Course starts on Friday 7th August 9am. Live Question and Answers calls are on Wednesday 12th, 19th and 26th August at 8pm UK time

Future offerings of this course will be £99

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